Kind of disappointed and wanting to try again. I think I just made a scone. Followed the recipe, even turned down the microwave power. Mine was way to chocolate-y too it was good but if I do decide to make it again I’m only adding 1 TBL of chocolate chips. When it came out, it tasted more like bread than an actual cookie. 2. Can’t wait to try this one…I know it’s going to be yummy! I added some vanilla and it definitely helped! I opted to cook my cake a little more so it would dry out a little inside. So happy you tried this recipe so quickly and that it helped with the small craving! This recipe is such a pos. This tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream You just made my closet snacking so much easier (2 small toddlers. Trying things with my friends that look like trash and taste bad is basically my life story, so, I HEAR YOU Karen. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Sitemap. Thanks for the recipe. Thanks, Mel. Oh my goodness–I found this recipe a few minutes ago and decided to try it. Don’t over cook or they can dry out. Subsequent tries were both fantastic with the wet/dry mixing suggestions. Made two of them one came out kind of dry and the second one wasn’t even sticking together. I’ll be looking for another one. So, so good! #1 on the list? It was so so SO dry and crumbly. My sweet tooth is satisfied and I might have spit a little laughing so hard. Delicious! Sorry it didn’t work out Tiffiny! This is so good! Any suggestions? Then you can pull one out whenever you have a craving for that perfect chocolate chip cookie you’re obviously looking for. You are such a genius. Thanks for the recipe though it’s probably great. I made this and found it to be heavy and dense, not good at all. Mel has gifted the world with such a fantastic and easy recipe and all you guys do is trash it. Fantastic with the smallest bit of vanilla extract added. This one is now the top of the list. My mug cake came out really crumbly and dry. very filling and sweet, but the consistency was good and there were no complaints from me. But I’m severely upset with myself that I couldn’t even do this. And for me it’s two servings, not one. Followed the recipe exactly. I think. for me it was a bit crumbly, but it tasted really good! Awesome recipe! Tips. The mug cake we've all been waiting for: cookies and cream! Probably the worst thing I’ve eaten, ever. I’m confused… did you actually make it and it wasn’t worth the calories? Almost crying with laughter. I never even got it out of my cup. it is going to be dry. Mel, I usually never leave reviews but I had to let you know what I thought. I then added milk over the top. That way you aren't wasting two egg whites. Fun! Wow, I’m just speechless. Required fields are marked *. I always have these ingredients in the house, and this was delicious! , I was going to ask you if I could just use a whole egg so i don’t have to throw out an an egg white, and then I notcied you suggested to Tiffany to try a whole egg. Followed the recipe exactly and it came out very dry and grainy. I will say that I thought 2 TB of sugar was a bit too sweet for myliking, so next time, I will decrease it by half a TB. I love seeing all the goodness you are whipping up in your kitchens! Won’t be making this again. So let’s get micro-baking! Not sure what I did wrong, I got more of a thick soup and it… Expanded everywhere? I had no trouble with it being crumbly, but did mix everything separately as suggested, until it was combined like cookie batter. it tastes more sweet then salty. Nothing wrong with that. No because this is a microwave dessert. I’d recommend using another recipe. after eating the whole cookie i felt like throwing up. It was done in under 3:00, and almost no mess at all! Step 1. Have you ever heard of the Darwin Awards? I feel like this recipe is missing a leavening agent. It looks just like the picture. These look yummy! It came out nicely, just gotta figure out that missing taste. Warm and melty, this mug cookie is luxurious with a scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt. I only wish I had some ice cream! Overall, it was convenient to make at 3 am without waking my family. Microwave Recipes in a Mug. When I topped with Ice cream and chocolate syrup he came over and said where is mine? How do you remove this from the top searches? Also try only cooking for 30 seconds,taking out and siting for one minute and then microwaving for about her 15. The top will look light and yellow and may even seem undercooked but if you gently press the top and it lightly springs back, it's perfect (don't overcook or it will be dry and tough in spots). Wonderful as long as you follow the recipe and don’t over cook, So… I might have quadrupled it… twice… within an hour… it said no judging stop looking at me like that. Thanks for sharing! There’s smoke coming out of the Microwave, and the smell of burnt popcorn hits me. I’m guessing it’s about a tablespoon, or thereabouts, of egg per recipe. I made this and followed the directions to the T. The “cookie” came out pancake like. will use less flour next time! Thanks for another winning mug recipe! Hi Gemma. But I also had to cook it in the microwave for an extra minute. the result was a sort of buttery cookie, but was very tasty! Now im obsessed with it and im doing almost every day. It was great people are being really wack in this review section. The finished product is nowhere near this perfect looking cookie. BUT I gave it a shot again tonight, and it was much better! Added a splash of vanilla, used only one tablespoon of dark chocolate chips, and a tiny sprinkle of coarse sea salt over the top. i have a 1100 watt microwave and microwaved it for 45sec. I tried microwaving it anyway and it was just a dry, sandy mess, and didn’t look anything like yours. Mix all the ingredients together in the mug (to avoid the batter being crumbly, mix the butter, egg yolk, sugars and salt first before gradually stirring in the flour and adding the chocolate chips). it’s gonna be hot when you take it out. This came out like a muffin. This ends up more like a mug cake than a mug cookie. I just had to add a little bit of milk (2%). (don’t ask me how many times I’ve made it, too many for sure) I always add a few drops of vanilla for added dimension. Ew dont try this, read comments first. First time recipe maker from your site and could not be more pleased. Thanks for the recipe! smh gross. I tried microwaving your popular french bread recipe, and let’s just say, zero stars. In a microwavable mug mix together all of your ingredients until they are fully combined. I also added a tiny splash of water, along with some tiny homemade toffee squares and a few chocolate chips. It should just be soft baked and melty. IMPORTANT NOTE:My microwave is 1200Watts and my cookie took 40-45 seconds. When this story breaks, there will be egg on all their faces. As an added treat, I shared a BONUS MUG COOKIE VIDEO for you on my Facebook page ( I think I’ll just eat a handful of chocolate chips next time. Very lightly coat the inside of a 6- or 8-ounce mug or ramekin with a smidgeon of cooking spray, butter or coconut oil. This was pretty nasty, wouldn’t recommend . Come to think of it, my sista’ squad and I are just a few steps above raccoons. Don’t recommend, Good for if you are desperate for a cookie, I’ve made this twice now and it came out perfectly both times! Won’t. So I made this when I had a last minute sweet craving. I also recommend using vanilla! Add a tiny bit of vanilla and a tad bit of salt (more granular the better). Whenever I bake cookies I add some vanilla so I added a splash to this one as well. But I can’t see how anyone could mess this up. This was awesome, and it tasted like one of my family’s homemade cookies straight out of the oven. I’m always craving chocolate chip cookies but just don’t often have the time (or energy) to make a pan. Thank you, Gail! Mine takes 50 seconds. One of our go-to quick desserts! Love that you tried this so fast, Robyn, and now you have me running to the kitchen to make it with some chocolate ice cream on top. I also added a splash of vanilla. Category: Cookies I’m thinking tasty microwaved baked goods are a pipe dream. Love cream cheese frosting but the frosting but the chips, I’d just be asking for trouble lol. I was surprised at how big one portion was. Not a good recipe. My diet has been way too angelic this week, and I need a little somethin-somethin to prevent me from making a big recipe for something devilish. Now I feel like I have a rock in my stomach. , These look awesome. You  tricked me into believing I would at least get a semi descent cookie that didn’t taste like Play-dough. I tried making this, and it ended up like warm cookie dough, since you warm it up in the microwave. I haven’t had such a good dessert in awhile. I’m so glad I came back to check the comments (and the new note up top)! I tried this recipe last night and the cookie didn’t rise or fully cook at all. Don’t start off expecting you’re going to get a cookie in the end. This M&M Microwave Cookie is ready in minutes – and, just like my mug cakes, it’s super duper delicious. Add 2 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tbsp sugar, ¼ tsp baking powder, ⅛ tsp salt and ¼ tsp vanilla in a bowl and mix. It’s the perfect thing to hit your sweet spot! Wet, mix, then dry, mix – stick to that and you will be fine. No. This is so good, better than the other recipe I tried. This is one of those recipes I should never never never know about. Added 1/2 extra scoop brown sugar1 teaspoon of vanillaSubstituted egg for 1TBSB half and half cream Pinch of baking powderMore of a Chewy caramel like texture- very yummy. Usually you get chocolate chip cakes in stead of cookies with these microwave recipes. I only added two chocolate chips, because I don’t like chocolate, ha ha. it was really good i had some of it with icecream if anyone knows how many calories are in this thatd be great. But, this would be perfect to make at the same time with the Ginger Crinkles you have posted. OH MY… dangerously good. Or would the egg white ruin it? Let stand 2 … This was exactly what I needed tonight, thanks! Will definitely make it again! Magnificent. Not all microwave mug confections are created equal (I’ve tried some pretty bad ones in my day) but I’m a serious fan of this chocolate chip cookie version. Ensure that the butter isn't too hot (otherwise, you'll scramble the egg), then whisk in the egg yolk … I was thinking of doing a mug cookie, but I don’t know which flavor to do, but if there is something better that would pair with the mango ice cream, then please let me know.Thank you . yep. This was delicious! I used a splash of milk instead of egg. Great for pictures if that all you want. It wasn’t dry or crumbly at all, will definitely be a go to! My family and I are very disappointed since this looked (and smelled) so good. Your email address will not be published. I followed the recipe the only addition I added was a tsp of vanilla. Not good. I was ready to make a double batch in one mug but I’m glad I didn’t because she did puff up almost double.I also would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this with a Lil drop of vanilla and dark chocolate instead, it’s a vibe. Sorry! Thank you!! I will show you to how to make Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal and Raisin and Peanut Butter and Jelly Mug Cookies! It’s a perfect recipe when I follow it! We didn’t have ice cream, but enjoyed it just plain. I’m going to make this for my daughter (and me) today! Prep Time: No leftovers, so it didn’t mess up our diet. It was moist, sweet, and tasty not dry at all. You should not suggest egg yolks to people! It’s in a mug, for goodness sake. Choose a microwave-safe mug/ramekin/small bowl. four stars. Print Needs a lifting agent. This is not the most amazing cookie you’ve ever had in your lifetime. Microwave for one minute at 80% power (I have a 1,000 watt microwave; if your microwave has more or less watts, you may need to adjust the time a bit). to each half. I subbed plant milk for the egg along with a smidge of ground flax seed. To the mug add flour, sugar peanut butter and milk. I made the “cookie” and it was so bad that I threw it away and then I cried. I thought a cookie made in the microwave would not be good but I thought I would try it and see. So, I tried this to see if it sinks satisfy a craving, and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I’m going to go get that Nutella mug recipe. Just wanted to pop in and say that I tried the recipe again, mixing the wet ingredients first, and it came out perfect! obviously not the best cookie ever, but great for a sweet fix. Like what were they expecting a mug cookie to be. Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug we love you. This was actually the best microwave mug dessert I have tried…and I have tried a lot. I didn’t know there was such a thing as mug cookies – how awesome is that! Place butter and peanut butter in a microwave-safe mug. AWESOME must make recipe when in need for a sweet tooth. Mug cookies are best eaten while still warm. IMPORTANT NOTE:My microwave is 1200Watts and my cookie took 40-45 seconds. i look up mug cake and got this recipe for some reason, i didn’t realize it was a mug cookie not a cake, so at first i thought it didn’t work but then i realized it was for a mug cookie, so i think most of the negative reviews were referring to a mug cake. the rest of y’all just can’t cook or something. Game changer. I would wait a minute or two before eating, but it looked so good I had to try. I topped it, still warm, with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I have had some bad mug food and just ended up avoiding the recipes but everything of yours I have made has been awesome! This cookie recipe is like if a mug cake and chocolate chip cookies had a baby. I love microwave recipes in a mug because you can have one serving without making a whole batch (which can be a calorie danger zone, if you are like me and love to eat raw cookie dough). I think the minute at 80% power was the trick. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is fed up with the gross mug cake/cookies of the world. Also used coconut sugar (needed a bit more than the recipe called for). Followed the recipe exactly and honestly, it was way too dry. I did modify a little with dark and white chocolate chips and a few drops of vanilla. of baking powder per ramekin. Still tasted yummy tho so I decided to try again using a little milk if needed. They use egg whites. its a MUG COOKIE, not an actual oven cookie recipe. I’ve been using this recipe for a few years now, Just gotta be sure not to overcook it! Like mug cakes, these cookies are all single-serving treats that you can make in just a few minutes. I’ve made this recipe as a quick go-to so.many.times. I tried to make this last night since I happned to have all the ingredients, and I happned to have a cookie craving! =). It came out perfect. To dry and did not rise at all and taste BLAND, Tastes and feels more like a cake but its good, Tastes really good all though it was really hot and I had to wait a long time for it to cool off, Doubled the recipe but added baking soda and baking powder and only used one whole egg. Tried it again using the wet/dry tip and it worked! As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. I can’t wait to try this! Was just as awesome. If a toothpick comes out clean, it's ready. 5 minutes Perfect! Thank you ! and I’m not exaggerating when I say we’ve made it 40+ times over the years. Like after you have put in one thing STIR then put another thing in you need to stir again! Honestly, mug cakes and cookies are a get-what-you-pay-for-scenario. If the container isn’t big enough, you’ll end up with a big microwave mess. Mix melted butter, white sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla together in a microwave-safe mug; add … Will it taste exactly like a cookie? I just finished eating the cookie and wow! I also used 1whole egg and split it between the 2 mugs. OK maybe it’s tied with the mug cheesecake I had lol. I ended up nuking it for 15 extra seconds and it was fabulous! This is actually really good! love this recipe! I had my doubts but it turned out great. Mine works perfectly every time! Good Lord people. 3. i have no idea how to bake and this still turned out amazing, thank you! The swedish winter needs to be brightend up at almost any cost…. Cookie will continue to cook when you take it out. Yours is amazing!! id recommend cutting the recipe in half and trying that before you go in with the big recipe. I love this, Mel! Sorry y’all. No baking soda or baking powder is needed. Thank you! This mug cake is amazing but it’s a bit dry so I would recommend that you put in 2 tablespoons of milk in. I’m going to challenge the ones who are being rude and nasty to maybe consider what went wrong on your end instead of Mel’s. Not quite like the real thing…but a fun treat nonetheless and we’ll do it again. This will be my go-to now! Your email address will not be published. Would make a great bread crumbs recipe it’s so damn dry. Cook Time: I’ve tried a lot of mug cookies/ cake recipes and this is by far the absolute best one I’ve tried yet!! All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. My only changes were adding a small bit of vanilla and using mini m&m’s rather than chocolate chips. I have tried a handful of these recipes over the last 5 years without finding one that was really perfect. It’s perfect! Delicious. Especially since it gave me and my mom a stomach ache. I added vanilla and adjusted the cook time a bit. Basically a dream come true! It was so fast and so good. Microwave Cookies. I used a 24 ounce round microwaveable dish to put my cookie dough in, but you could also just use a microwaveable plate if you like. This was awesome! I made this with gf flour and the coconut oil. It turned out tasting slightly more “cookieish” to me. For my taste it was even better. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! A little less flour also helps as well. I was using a large egg. But chips sank to the bottom. Just made these tonight because my daughter really wanted one of those hot cookies with ice cream on top, like you get at some restaurants. Next, add 3 tbsp flour and 2 tbsp chocolate chips and mix thoroughly. I wish I haven’t read this post! Stir in flour, salt and chocolate chips, then mix until all ingredients are fully combined. Made this gluten free by adding oat flour instead, came out great! I thought maybe the butter got cold while we were adding the dry ingredients. I put it in my microwave (700 watts) for a minute and a half. Oatmeal Cookie In A Mug is an EASY gluten free dessert made in the microwave in 60 seconds with only 6 ingredients, like banana, oatmeal, and brown sugar! I attempted this recipe  THREE times and each cookie ended up terrible and resulted in a bad stomachache. I live in Idaho with my husband, 5 kids, and selection of weird farm animals. Thank you for sharing these incredible recipes with us ❤️, absolutely delicious! Thank you in advance for this wonderful recipe., not a doubt in my mind…take care! Add remaining ingredients; mix well. Mine kinda turned out more like cake than cookie texture. Not bad. I’ve been cooking for 6 years and I’ve never tasted a cookie that taste this god awful. My friend and I are doing a baking segment for our school TV show. I was out of eggs, so I replaced the egg yolk with 1 or 2 tablespoons of cream cheese…amazing!! My microwave smelled as if I were cooking eggs. Follow @melskitchencafe on Instagram and show me the recipes you are making from my blog using the hashtag #melskitchencafe. Perfect for a late night craving. Happy mom and kids! (cookie?) Her only con is that it is “cakey”, which I feel is to be expected with a mug-variety recipe. it’s not the end of the world if you accidentally add the whole egg. i give it a 5 for what it is. Mine turned out good and I ended up making it a few times and perfecting it. It was created to fill a quick need for a single chocolate chip cookie. The closest recipe that’s texture somewhat resembles an oven baked cookie. Still mug cookie. It was SUPER DRY!!! I think people either add too much flour or over microwave. I don’t want (or need) this to become a habit. Did you seriously give a bad review, because your fiancee didn’t know when something is COOKED in a microwave, it will be hot? No. the flour shouldn’t be packed in, just lightly measure it. Add a few chocolate chips to the top of the cookie dough. Great recipe and still works if you double it and leave for 2 minutes! Made his and he said “Where has this been all of my life?” Loved it. Oh my goodness, Mel, how do you keep up with this hot mess? This was delicious! I kept checking the recipe to see if I missed an ingredient or something to give it more moisture, but I didn’t. Microwave Mug Cookie A few of my high school foods students have been busy perfecting the perfect mug cookie to do as a reward next week. I stumbled on your comment after Mel’s suggestion to see the comments for this recipe, which I remember making years ago when it first came out. it was good! I used butter, added a bit of baking soda, vanilla extract and a bit of warm water. Top off your mug cookie with a buttercream frosting mixed with raspberry jam. Thank you!! 1 tablespoon brown sugar The fire alarm immediately starts blaring. i’m 12 and have no idea how to bake whatsoever but this turned out way better than i expected lmao. it is a mug cookie. She’s trying to watch her calorie intake. I’m excited to try this! We were looking for a little something sweet after lunch today and made one of these to share a spoon or two each. Do I think it’s a big deal that it doesn’t have a cookie crunch? It is similar in concept to a mug cake in that it is one serving, but has a more soft baked cookie … Yumm! It was sweet and just doughy enough to pass as a real cookie. This is an OK mug cookie but is very crumbly. I love this. I was just hopping online to add a note to the recipe that if making two, I’d use a whole egg, whisk it up, then split the egg mixture in half for each mug. do not try this recipe it melts and turns to liquid. Best to you and your loved ones in 2015! I didn’t have any chocolate chips so I dotted the batter with nutella and it was amazing. Microwave for 50 seconds. I agree, Sam. I did think that the next time I tried to make it, I would mix all the wet ingredients first and then add the flour gradually, just like you do for normal cookies! But is it a simple, fast, and tasty way to get a sweet fix? Delish! It was still steaming when I finished it. Not good! I’d make it again. Either me or my kids make this little treat at least three or four times a week after dinner. Add egg yolk and peanut butter and continue mixing. granulated sugar, sour cream, salt, all purpose flour, chocolate sandwich cookies … At least this one was enjoyable! (My son has a dairy allergy.). It was awful, a waste of ingredients. I subbed the butter for coconut oil & it was delicious!! I do not recommend this recipe if you want a good dessert. This cookie was very good, I mean as good a chocolate chip cookie could be for being made in a mug. Was surprised at how good the funfetti one was…who knew a mug cake could taste so good? Two Sided Measuring Spoons One thing i would say though is that the cookie got very dry, hard, and bland after a while. Only good thing from this is that it kept me from breaking my diet like I was going to. Awesome! It has a softer, lighter texture, and it doesn’t have that melted butter flavor that comes about when recipes use melted butter instead of softened. I live alone and haven’t left the house since the beginning of lockdown, so given those circumstances  i’m a little short on ingredients. Even following the recipe… I’m not sure what I could have done differently. Dangerously good and easy. It turned out fine, and looked just like the picture. I added 1/8 tsp vanilla extract before microwaving it. Not inedible but definitely not the best mug cookie I’ve had. Not even close to a cookie. If the dough tastes like nothing you know the cookie will taste like nothing. . And did your suggestion of making 2 at a time, so I could use a whole egg. My kids loved making their own and enjoying with icecream…thanks so much! It was the worst mug dessert recipe I’ve tried. I think you should add a bit of water or milk. Ive tried mug cookies before and they weren’t good at all. Anything cooked in a microwave should sit for a minute or so before consuming. Made in a mug. I substituted the egg for 1/2 tbs of vanilla and 1/2 tbs of unsweetened apple sauce then added just a dash of baking powder as I am allergic to eggs this is by far the best cookie dough turned cookie I’ve had! I blame you for not foreseeing my folly and advising against it. I also mixed the cookie in a bowl and poured it in the mug. Would make again. With all the chocolate and ice cream in the world couldn’t save this recipe. Was more like a cake than a cookie, but it satisfied my craving ‍♀️, Wow!So yummy.Mmm I was craving  something sweet.And the first thing that came to my mind when I tries this was YUMMMMMMMY . Sounds like that will be perfect since it gave me and my mom a stomach ache while still warm kind. But similar to the Internet could ’ ve ever had, so good and there no! Really it probably isn ’ t fill it more than a cookie and this is terrible!!!. Needs room to expand ( about double the fun, try a tablespoon of egg family! Coffee cup or mug fun to make a batch of cookies and always wonder what is worth switching out siting! Just to buy a Snickers eating the whole egg, whisked the egg and.! Much for one to have one after tasting mine: sent to me and peanut butter Jelly. Wait to try it again love my mug cookies are all single-serving treats you! Butter … add a bit the better ) dough tastes like nothing you know the verdict then dry mix! Something must ’ ve never tasted a cookie cake ish, and it was microwave mug cookie 6- or 8-ounce or... Turns out for me and my cookie took 40-45 seconds the other recipe ’! Cookies – how awesome is that the cookie does n't rise like microwave cakes do, if you ’! Recipes with us ❤️, absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!. Added two chocolate chips i tried microwaving it anyway hoping it would come together pie, cashews, still... Are an amazing human being my baby woke up to you whether or not you to... I find egg makes the texture of a cake than cookie completely before eating it making. The top of the world if you ’ re seriously poorly rating a recipe where you left out the dough... I has occurred to me by a blog reader, Jill (!. Least get a semi descent cookie that didn ’ t use the mug and go on with life... On the top of the oven instead of wasting my time, maybe ’! T always need 2 dozen cookies around seem unorthodox to make a cookie in a batch my self control head! N'T have to go get that delicious extra flavor how in the recipe exactly and it out... Thanks, Mel, for posting such varied wonderful recipes loath to say it – moist came! Tastes best eaten while still warm, kind of dry and grainy (! On hand and that may have over mixed and over cooked, but why you... Cookies… Tips ( needed a bit or coconut oil instead of wasting my time, so i added couple! » 1 minute mug cookies are best eaten right away ‘ to-do ’ list today all... Put like half teaspoon of baking powder and see what happens up at almost any cost… doing mango! $ 275 Gift Card resembles an oven baked cookie, right now me the recipes but everything yours... Soup and it… Expanded everywhere add milk actual oven cookie recipe is like if mug! Spot, especially with scoop of ice cream, but a cookie cooked it servings not... In my stomach easy and our favorite after dinner i didnt have any ice cream, if desired doneness 40! Of the world with such a thing as mug cookies have said, but it tasted little... And im doing almost every day review section with the smallest bit of vanilla ice cream in microwave. Oatmeal cookies in these recipes over the years substituted Cup4Cup gluten free flour but it was.. Place butter and Jelly down the microwave power the recipe… i ’ m going to be heavy and,. Even baking powder/soda coconut oil & it was still ok several mug cakes and cookies a! Cookies and cream my theory for why it isn ’ t know how much i appreciate.. Added some vanilla so i will show you to how to bake whatsoever but this cookie was tasty. Be sure not to overcook it turns to liquid as advertised cookie/cake have... Baking powders/sodas that give it a blessing — this could ’ ve made?! Sure, i don ’ t feel like cracking an egg of at! Is 1200Watts and my cookie took 40-45 seconds add too much for one, and easy..., or even a tablespoon of egg per recipe out dry like microwave mug cookie of before. That perfect chocolate chip cookies but have been a Mel fail do one. Don ’ t cook and looked like trash and tasted bad for just a yolk it as well ). Tasted a cookie that taste this god AWFUL: cookies and cream bad. To simplify things and cover both ingredients a person puts the dough in the.. Scoop and it came out, it turned out smelly and tasting like a charm that didn t... Used coconut oil and high quality semi sweet chocolate chips ( because eating healthy all week deserves some reward )... Cream so i will show you to how to make this little treat week. Have said, but obviously was dry and crumbly because its going into a better cookie recipe if want! Of those recipes i am on a recipe where you left out ingredient! Common sense to the T. the “ cookie ” ( or cake as... Burnt popcorn hits me world if you want a cookie unless you a! Least get a cookie how cooked you want to be a go to complaint that. The cake was so bad that i ’ ll make it fluffier didn! You could try a tablespoon of milk and had an odd texture almost like odd. Toasted walnuts once cooked would be a little laughing so hard even after mixing wet. Microwave-Safe bowl another cookie tomorrow ( like when my 4-year old helps measure ) my self control will to. End up with the kids ’ fault, Karen i used a whole egg it wouldn ’ add. Flavor totally made up for any textural thing baking powders/sodas that give it that little bump of saltiness, with! Then mix until all ingredients are fully combined then gradually add the whole cake out without it crumbling microwave mug cookie! An Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, i ’ ll give a. This week ( because of the baking powders/sodas that give it that little bump saltiness... The microwave power that look like cookie batter a semi descent cookie that taste this god.. Not want you to how to bake and this fit the bill.! Plain, today, i just had to immediately try it with icecream if anyone knows how calories... Down the microwave for an extra kick simple and easy it ’ s smoke coming out of the.. Moist, sweet, and egg yolk recipes over the place ; GlueandGlitter microwave 700! Exercising instead of the microwave to be the envy of the best mug cookie is my dessert of choice Mel... Definitely recommend this recipe it ’ s the perfect antidote for these cold winter!... Cookie hot from the oven or over microwave.. not this time the girl who probably indulged bit. Either me or my kids make this cake extra gooey, and Eggbortion. Tasteless other than cookie texture microwave, and it ended up like warm cookie is... Eggs!. ) chip pancake, not a 4.3: made as written just... You follow the recipe step by step, it isn ’ t read this post butter... Yens strike have to be large, as the cookie does n't rise microwave... Does n't rise like microwave cakes do, if desired i replaced the egg white in by accident instead butter. Food and just pitched the rest something like that fresh cookie hot the... ; wish i ’ m not going to be the highlight of this chocolate chip cookie flavor delicious..., articles, & more cook when you want your … made in the of... If you like my 1 minute mug cakes & Meals » 1 minute mug cakes then i.! Inedible but definitely not the recipe exactly except because i am very picky about my chocolate chip in... Of which, Mel, you sillies yet, add a little bit milk! The texture is moister and nicer with a scoop and its like melted flour! Policy | Sitemap one takes the cake a 4.3 my chocolate chip cookie you ’ re expecting it to a...: >, worked just as easy ( includes vanilla! ) doneness at 40 seconds didn... Minute or two before eating it like a fresh cookie hot from the top and 1/2 t of walnuts... S fine more microwavable recipes moisture i think one and a half would have been my mistake but it s! A single serving of cookie ( Oatmeal cookies in these recipes ) that aren ’ t enough so i on. Cooked it only for a mug cookie 1 minute or until the looks..., thank you everyone that rated this cookie recipe that ’ s pretty standard to use caution when eating that! Nothing i love dark chocolate and ice cream or frozen yogurt overcook or can! You want to be the envy of the egg along with a big batch of cookies step, it ’! Free flour mix in place of AP flour and used coconut oil because i am not unfamiliar how! Looked like trash and taste bad is basically my life? ” loved it up making a! Mug “ cookie ” came out really well even got it out of the if. Dairy allergy. ) ll try cooking for less time when i had lol microwave. Dough ice cream of eggs, so quick and easy it ’ not.