Hiya, I'm using this for a React / Typescript project. It could also be a theme issue. Maps were working fine until yesterday night when 3 senseless erros came up. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. It gives all kinds of errors in your console. My map works totally fine -- but I keep getting this warning when the page loads. nickpricks changed the title Dev Console warning - Google Maps API warning Dev Console warning - Google Maps API warning NoApiKeys Apr 29, 2016 Copy link Quote reply giatzo1702 commented May 8, 2016 https://wp-events-plugin.com/documentation/google-maps/, https://wp-events-plugin.com/documentation/google-maps/api-key/, https://wordpress.org/plugins/stonehenge-em-osm/, https://wordpress.org/plugins/events-manager-wpml/, This reply was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by. Could you perhaps send us a screenshot of the http referrers that you added? 4. © Geocoding API If you’re using DIVI they have a separate section on where you need to enter your maps api key. On the Credentials page, get an API key (If you have an existing unrestricted API key, or a key with browser restrictions, you may use that key) However, I always get the error “Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys” in the Browser Console and no map is showing up. Um die clientseitigen Dienste der Maps JavaScript-API zu verwenden, müssen Sie einen separaten API-Schlüssel erstellen, der mit einer Einschränkung für HTTP-Verweise geschützt werden kann (siehe Einschränken eines API-Schlüssels). Archived [Ionic v4] Google maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys - Keys are present in both package.json and config.xml. Are you perhaps using DIVI also? The problem seems to be the address data entered. Have you taken the WordPress 2020 Survey yet? Estou usando a API do Google Maps v3 há algum tempo sem uma chave de API e funcionou bem. I have activated the following APIs: I did everything mentioned in the FAQ and also have an API Key. This is also illustrated here: https://toolset I now recognized that I don’t have a connection to maps.googleapis.com (sources in debug console), which should be there, right? Did you set your Correct Google API Keys? Google maps javascript api warning noapikeys. I will try the patch in #2454551: API-key usage for Google StaticMap and see if that helps. Check out this discussion about a similar problem. 3. The Maps JavaScript API v2 is deprecated as of May 19, 2010, and will be turned off on May 26, 2021. how is this possible? Google Map now requires users to have a billing setup. There seems to be an issue with the GeoDirectory plugin. Google Map API Warning (NoApiKeys) If you want to use Google Maps, you should get API key. There was a problem submitting your feedback. Pleae do make sure that you have Billing Address Setup on your Google Map Account. Powered by Help Scout. Does the map work if you disable WPML for testing? This is not an issue with Google maps. Некоторое время я использую Google Maps API v3 без ключа API, и он работал хорошо. Angular 9,8,7,6,5,4,2, TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, PHP, NodeJs, MongoDB, Knockout, Maven, R, Go, Groovy, OpenXava, Kafka, Rust, Vue, SEO, Interview We believe that if one user has a question, there could be more users who may have the same question. Think it depends on what webpart you're using. Hi, I have checked your site and found that you need to click the link in the Google Maps message: You will be taken to a page to “Learn about updated account policies and changes you’ll need to make.” for Google Maps. Directions API Open maps.google.com Click on the green "Secure" note to the left of the address bar. I was testing an application, and by chance I saw the browser console and It had a warning: "Google Maps API warning: No ApiKeys" I've followed the link and it just says: The script element that loads the API has no API key. Learn more in this article:  Signing up for a Google Maps API key. If you see the following messages you are not using your api key correctly. Estou usando um código para navegar no Google Maps e apresentar as coordenadas na tela. Faça uma pergunta Perguntada 1 ano, 11 meses atrás. 11 months ago. For Maps to work, you theoretically do not need the API Key, but then the Map will fail after too may loads (calls) That's why the API key is required so to grant multiple accesses to the Google API via our Maps Plugin. Eu inclui conforme solicitado, porém ainda apresenta um erro de "NoApiKeys". Maps Static API API is activated in events manager settings (tried both, embedded and dynamic). Events > Settings > The topic ‘Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys’ is closed to new replies. https://wp-events-plugin.com/documentation/google-maps/ Log in Username Password Remember me Register | Lost Password? Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7. Please make sure that you have https://wordpress.org/plugins/events-manager-wpml/ Under "Cookies" it'll say "xx in use" -- click that text. Here is a full documentation on how to use and setup google maps. Hiya, I'm using this for a React / Typescript project. In template HTML files you should find google maps api js file. Addition: Elevation API. Thank you so much for suggestions. src: The URL where the Maps JavaScript API is loaded from, including all of the symbols and definitions you need for using the Maps JavaScript API. I made no additional changes to maps nor anything API related. Including tests without any other plugins etc. The topic ‘Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys’ is closed to new replies. If the OSM works (and I think it will), the problem is somewhere with Google. Pero en la documentación que puede leer ahora: "Todas las aplicaciones API de JavaScript … I have the EM & WPML Plugin acitve, but it doesn’t work without it either. The API Keys are not restricted in any way. [Ionic v4] Google maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys - Keys are present in both package.json and config.xml. Он по-прежнему работает, но в консоли появляется предупреждение: This is usually not necessary and also not if I test it manually on google maps. Best regards However, I get the message “no map available” (fontend and backend). Advertencia de la API de Google Maps: NoApiKeys (3) Actualmente no se requiere una clave ("requerida" en el significado "no funcionará sin"), pero creo que hay una buena razón para la advertencia. Browse other questions tagged javascript google-maps google-maps-api-3 jquery-gmap3 or ask your own question. Under "Cookies" it'll say "xx in use" -- click that text. So existing locations should work right away. We are often told to put the