"At the moment, in order to gain access to the civil service and higher education you need to have a qualification in English. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Unfortunately, instead of building on that heritage, the Pakistan seem to have lost the interest and will to learn English well. Coleman's alternative model is to provide early-years education in students' regional languages, with Urdu taught as a second language in primary school. Encouraging students to practice the skills learned in class and incorporating listening exercises, such as learning poems or parts of a favorite story in the new language out o… Is there a balance in the reflection of national and global needs in the curriculum? You are currently offline. Students are generally unable to demonstrate proficiency in use of English language skills. This paper attempts to bring in the issues related to the Problems of teaching English in rural schools of India. Problems Of Primary Education In Pakistan And Their Solutions. One of my suggestions is that people should have to demonstrate competence not only in English but also in Urdu and one of the other main regional languages. 3. This study highlights the difficulties of teaching English at primary level in rural areas of Punjab in Pakistan. Pakistan is an economically divided society with 60% of its population living on less than $2 a day and more than a quarter of national income in the hands of the top 10%. But at a recent conference, organised by Unesco in Bangkok, to assess progress towards the UN Millennium Development Goals for education, Coleman says there was little prospect of a shift in policy to support first language education. Hence, teaching becomes ineffective and a large percentage of failures in English is mainly due to unsatisfactory teaching. Ø Psychological In Pakistan, the definition of a literate person is this, “ a person whocan read a newspaper and write a simple letter, in any language” (“Needs Assessment Report on “Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (Pakistan),” 2008). They teach the students the wrong way or the wrong thing because they didn’t have the knowledge about the teaching of the English language. Coleman draws on global research into the impact of home language education on children's attainment to argue that the policy could improve enrollments and help to boost attendance by girls. "That will be the biggest hurdle because it will directly challenge the privilege that some sectors of Pakistan society have enjoyed," he said. 29. Difficulties in Teaching and Learning Grammar in an EFL Context. Furthermore, teaching of English in Pakistan … The demand for English … "People from most of these minor language communities are facing a kind of social stigma that their mother tongue is symbol of backwardness. 2. Still, it is heartening to see that the Society of Pakistan English Language is not deterred by such challenges. Fakhruddin Akhunzada is assistant director of the Forum for Language Initiatives, a local NGO that works with minority language speakers in the north of Pakistan to develop first-language education. Teaching English is a great task for English teacher to teach primary school students in multilingual society like India where English plays an important role however may be the different teacher training program like D.Ed., B.Ed., M. Ed. If that were to happen you would find that the elite private schools would start teaching other regional languages. • Every English teacher should translate at least 2 books. 4, No. Since 2002 the US has given $640m to improve education in Pakistan, with a further $7.5bn in civilian aid due over next five years. Photograph: Emilio Morenatti/AP, Teaching and learning in Pakistan: the role of language in education, conference, organised by Unesco in Bangkok. If we take into account a comprehensive view of all the language activities, we find a large number of linguistic abilities and skills ranging from knowledge of a few words to appreciation of poetry. Children learning in Urdu as a second language face major obstacles, particularly in their early years, Coleman says, which can range from slower progress in reading and writing to lack of support from parents who also struggle with Urdu. Pakistan's commitment to using Urdu as the medium of instruction in its state schools and its ambition to widen access to English language teaching are creating barriers to effective education, limiting economic mobility and undermining social cohesion. situation of English language teaching-learning in the primary schools of the rural areas in Bangladesh. Coleman also proposes a realignment of English in the curriculum. The sample population was from Tehsil Minchinabad in District Bahawal Nagar. Teaching of English in schools is a major unresolved problem of our educational system. There was frustration at the conference that a lot of the international donors are not yet listening and are not aware of the relationship between languages in education and long-term implications for social cohesion," he said. While FLI's initial projects are small, he says that results have been positive, and so far 70 students have received their education in their first language. Current Literacy Rate in Pakistan 2020 (Updated) As of January 2020, Pakistan vows to raise literacy rate from 58% to 70% in four years by providing school access to approximately 22.8 million students, improving the education system for all age groups through the application of modern technological resources.. Primary: 22,650,000; Post-Secondary: 1,949,000 Lack of relevant academic qualifications of teachers could be one of the reasons why teaching of Can the students think critically about the global and intercultural issues? It also seeks to find out the causes After all Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Quaid-e-Azam, creator of Pakistan is a product of Sind Madressah School, Karachi. The report, Teaching and Learning in Pakistan: The Role of Language in Education, was originally prepared, therefore, as an internal document for use within the British Council. The unqualified teacher teaches the English language is the biggest problem that students faced in learning the English language. The way English is taught in our schools and colleges today is to a great extent responsible for the failure. This is done first by historically reviewing the English language education policies since Pakistan's independence in 1947, looking particularly at policy objectives, implementation strategies and outcomes, and the rationale for policy change. The study is divided in to two parts that is, learning problems and teaching issues. English Language Teaching and Learning in Thailand in this Decade, English Language Teaching and Learning in Thailand in this Decade. Teachers of foreign languages may first notice that their lesson plans change over the course of the class. Classes may progress slowly despite your efforts. He is now in the process of analysing feedback before presenting his final proposals next April. Data was collected from 90 primary teachers including both male and female of government schools and was analyzed on SPSS version 16. review of the condition of English in Pakistan and to prepare a report with recommendations as to where the British Council could most usefully provide support. The report's key proposal is to provide teaching to students in the language they are most familiar with and, for the first time, reflect Pakistan's multilingual identity in classrooms. The topic is wide focus on the English teaching techniques at primary level in Pakistan and how this is effecting the students in term of their progress. These are the stark warnings made in a report on the current state of Pakistan's schools published last month by the British Council and debated by academics and policy makers in a series of public meetings across the country. This study aims to find out the Primary school English language teachers problems in teaching short story in Kuching-Samarahan Division. A big problem in language teaching which our students encounter is that the tasks included in their textbooks do not give them enough practice in the skills they will need. Students learning a second language often learn at different paces and generally learn material differently. Teaching english as a foreign language is challenging, yet rewarding career path. In this paper, the author discusses problems in teaching of English language at the Primary Level in District Kohat, in the North-Western Frontier Provice (NWFP) in Pakistan. • We should promote Urdu in our institution. To what extent are the cultural characteristics of different nations reflected in the curriculum? The report's author, British academic Hywel Coleman, who is an honorary research fellow at the University of Leeds, argues that action must be taken urgently. Though English is taught as a mandatory component of school curriculum in Pakistan, its outcomes are not considered satisfactory by the academicians and researchers. This study highlights the difficulties of teaching English at primary level in rural areas of Punjab in Pakistan. But FLI's experience shows that it will be difficult to change entrenched attitudes about language status. The CLT will be dealt with in depth to address the issue the English teaching as a second/foreign language. Here is an effort to search the problems in learning English in rural areas and some suggestions to overcome the same. The quality of English language education in majority of Indian schools presents a very appalling picture. Obstacles to Effective Teaching Learning of English In Government Girls’ High Schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Parveen Khan* Abstract. International Journal of Education (IJE), Vol. The ambiguity of the language of instruction policy allows schools to make their own choices, which has contributed to the present crisis in education in Pakistan. They do not sit back and watch. How can we reflect regional characteristics and issues in the school curriculum? The report urges Pakistan's government to make schooling available in seven major regional languages, including Urdu, which would extend the delivery of first-language teaching to up to 85% of the population. Abdul Rashid, Rana Adnan and Muneer Abbas Problems in Speaking English with L2 Learners of Rural Area Schools of Pakistan 426 This paper aims to critically examine the trends, issues and challenges in policy and practice of English language education in Pakistan. The qualitative observation method has been adopted to collect data from different state run schools in Pakistan. Or hire teachers who are not specialized in the English language. Data was collected from 90 primary teachers including both male and female of government schools and was analyzed on SPSS version 16. Coleman hopes that pressure for change will come from international donors. English remains the preserve of the country's elite minority who are educated privately in English-medium schools and who can make an easy transition into English-medium higher education and higher-paid government jobs that require English-language qualifications. Something like that would put the three languages on a more equal footing.". Based on the textbook content, the students are evaluated formatively and summatively. Current government strategy seeks to widen access to this English-only social strata by improving the quality of English teaching in state schools. investigating English language instruction in the context of Chitral, Nawab (2012) concluded that the teaching of English was not much different from other subjects like Social Studies or History. Moreover, to get the attention of blooming flowers they should be given incentives in form of gift and food, especially to needy ones. There are more than 70 languages spoken in Pakistan, yet Urdu, the national language and the medium of instruction in the majority of state schools, is spoken by just 7% of the population. Study of education system claims dominance of Urdu and English is a barrier to effective schooling for all but a linguistic elite and threatens to undermine social cohesion, Class barriers ... language diversity in schools could help to bring down girl's drop-out rates. Problems of Teaching English as a Second Language. The teachers described their…, Pre-Service EFL Teachers’ Experiences in Teaching Practicum in Rural Schools in Indonesia, Effectiveness of Literacy & Numeracy Drive (LND): A Students' Perspective, Usefulness of Mobile Assisted Language Learning in Primary Education, Teaching Foreign Languages: A Challenge to Ecuadorian Bilingual Intercultural Education, Difficulties in learning English as a Second Language. Especially listening and speaking are the skills which are ignored by the teachers. Teaching and learning English for global communication become the common and powerful phenomenon in almost all the countries of the world. Thai TESOL, Problems in Teaching of English Language at the Primary Level in District Kohat, NWFP, Pakistan, 2019 International Conference on Innovative Computing (ICIC), By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our. The sample population was from Tehsil Minchinabad in District Bahawal Nagar. The dominant key to improve the education is medium of instruction which should be either in English or Urdu. Yet a language policy for schools, inherited from the British empire, is undermining the effectiveness of state education and excluding many of the poorest from skills and training that could help them break out of poverty. Mostly in Pakistan, the teachers are not eligible for teaching the English language. This study was a comparative investigation into the nature of difficulties in learning English by the secondary school students of Provincial and Federal government schools in N.W.F.P (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa). The study was undertaken to identify the problems of teachers as well as students, regarding the subject. The language policy in school education emerged as a social problem and personal problem. 4. The countries " educationists and facilitators often face multidimensional challenges at the time of 1, March 2016 2 for getting education. The objectives of the study were (1)To find Interviews were also taken from the teachers and English teaching sessions were observed using an observation checklist to find out the real present scenario of teaching English language at the primary … But our studies of pilot projects suggest that positive attitudes towards the mother tongue have been gaining ground over the past few years," Akhunzada said. • The use of learners’ home language in the classroom promotes a smooth transition between home and school. A questionnaire was given to the teachers to express their views about difficulties of teaching English at primary level in rural areas. Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI. "Pakistan is an urgent case. Further, these learners are not given ample opportunities to practice the English language in the classroom when learning other subjects because of switching from one language to … Pakistan schools, the curriculum and the teachers all seem to be clueless as far as the objectives of learning English are concerned. To find out the significant difference, if any, in the causes of problems in learning English with regard to sex, locality of school, optional subject, habit of reading English newspaper and habit of listening to English … The textbooks taught are designed and prepared by the Ministry of Education. In Pakistan, just 60% of children compete primary school and only 10% finish secondary school, while 59% of girls attend primary school compared to 73% of boys. One wonders why we cannot resolve this problem at the national level once and for all. Language in India www.languageinindia.com ISSN 1930-2940 13:10 October 2013 Hafiz Ahmad Bilal, Abdur Rehman, Ch. English would be taught from the age of 10, with the option to introduce English-medium teaching later in secondary school. Some schools hire unqualified teachers due to saving money. Pakistan's commitment to using Urdu as the medium of instruction in its state schools and its ambition to widen access to English language teaching are … Government Primary Schools ( Grade 1-4 ) and Secondary Schools ( grade 5-11 ), before the birth of Pakistan gave a quality education in the Province of Sindh which attracted children of the elite as well working class parents. The basic aim of this study is to highlight the current situation of learning and teaching English in Pakistan. Coleman believes that fundamental change will be necessary to raise the status of regional languages and give equality of access to opportunity. They hesitate to use it and many believe that education in the mother tongue is inferior to education in Urdu or English. In upper primary, the learners’ only opportunity to use English language is limited to the daily 35-min English lesson (KIE, 2002). Last modified on Fri 3 Dec 2010 17.40 GMT. To avoid some of these challenges, here are 10 common problems that teachers face in the classroom, and their possible solutions. Coleman says his "wish list" for education reform has been positively received inside Pakistan. • Teach English as a subject but medium of instruction should be Urdu. The report, Teaching and learning in Pakistan: the role of language in education, sets out proposals that, if implemented, would seek to raise the status of the country's main regional languages, lower barriers to higher-paid government jobs and help to strengthen ties between language groups at a time when political instability is straining national unity. Yet the provision of effective teaching and materials has been uneven, with the result that the majority of learners are failing to make even basic progress in English.